According to Reddit, Universal Studios’ fan favorite attractions that are shutting down soon

Super Nintendo World has received great reviews since the themed area opened at Universal Studios Japan in 2021. US theme park fans are eagerly awaiting the opening of their Nintendo-themed theme park coming to Hollywood in 2023 coinciding with the release of the upcoming Mario movie (per nintendo). With this significant change and expansion, it’s only natural that the parks renovate and close the rides that visitors once loved.

Since it opened in the 1990s, Universal Studios theme parks have opened and then closed the rides that people still miss. Park fans took to Reddit to lament their favorite rides that closed so soon and will always be remembered.

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Kongfrontation at Universal Studios

Kongfrontation It was one of Universal’s most intense and well-received tours at opening. The trip has advanced in its time and has become a big attraction for the park. redditor BZI She considered it, “to this day one of the greatest journeys ever made.” Ultimately, the hype around king kong character I stopped, and replaced the flight with the next big Universal franchise, mummy.

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Mummy’s Revenge It is one of the few VR games left at Universal Orlando. Although the franchise is nearly two decades old, the ride still attracts guests.

Dragon Challenge

Ride Dragon Duel at Universal Studios

Dragon ChallengePreviously Duel Dragons: A History of Ice and Fire, It was a famous trip in Orlando park, but like international studios The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Expanded further to islands of adventure, Soon the trip was off topic. redditor Ghazir He said of the closure, “I was shocked…it has always been a great trip and a staple of every visit…”

After the trip closed, the park decided to tear the dragons apart and open them Hagrid’s magical creatures on an adventure motorbike. While the dragons are still missing, the new ride has long wait times and is well appreciated by zoo-goers.

The Walking Dead – A Walk Through Gravity

The Walking Dead gets Universal Studios appeal all year round

With the walking Dead He still delivers great moments in season 11Fans were surprised to learn The Walking Dead – Walking Through Gravity It will not be stationary in the park.

redditor Gojirahawk He said, “I’m not sure why it’s closed..they’ve been through it recently, really good atmosphere. Maybe it’s expensive. The tour requires live actors in makeup instead of animation.” With Covid-19 restrictions in place for most of 2020 and 2021, the attraction was not viable, and the space was set aside for other uses.


Ride The Shark at the Jaws at Universal Studios

jaws It was one of Universal Studios’ longest running tours, however it wasn’t enough time for fans who made the experience a staple of their time at the park. redditor Johnsnowpump He said, “Jaws is one of the hottest movies of the last 50 years and it’s a masterpiece. They can make something great and still use Bruce. Why don’t they have Speilberg Land and put all his stuff in there?”

Despite being outdated, Universal hasn’t removed many other software Classic games based on old movies In parks, park goers left so disappointed jaws It was placed on the chopping block.

Alfred Hitchcock: The Art of Filmmaking

Alfred Hitchcock interview

Alfred Hitchcock: The Art of Filmmaking It was one of the park’s unique opening day attractions because it relied on fan interaction and wasn’t just a ride. The attraction closed in 2003, and fans were sad to see it disappear. redditor FindNSeek1018 He said, “I went to this attraction as a child, which started my love for Alfred Hitchcock films, and I still miss that attraction to this day.”

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The popular Shrek 4-D has finally replaced gravity. Due to the huge success a partnerAnd Universal had to include a ride or a screening of the movie, leaving Hitchcock retired.

Back to the future: the ride

Entrance back to the future journey at Universal Studios

based on one of Most watchable movies are from the 80’sAnd Back to the future: the ride He became an instant fan at Universal Studios. The park devastated fans when they announced that the tour would be officially closing in 2007. REDitor DopewiththeMost He said, “I went to Universal Studios for the first time in 2017 with my boyfriend. This was his favorite ride (since it’s his favorite movie), and he was dumbfounded when they stopped it. He went on the last day and rode on the last ride. He refuses to go on the Simpsons ride. ..”

Despite protest from fans, the park has not revealed plans to restart the ride and likely never will, given that the franchise has no plans to continue and is not due to restart.

Nickelodeon Studios

Nickelodeon Studios It was a big draw for Universal because it allowed fans to watch their favorite live action shows that were filmed in person, an entirely unique experience for a theme park. redditor strange The studio fondly recalled, “I remember going to Nickelodeon studios as a kid! Super fun, I thought this was the climax of all family vacations lol.”

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Universal Orlando was likely to keep Nickelodeon in the parks, but in the end, all filming for their programming was moved to California and out of all parks.

Jurassic Park: The Ride

The T-Rex exploded outside the wall at the yellow raft

While Jurassic Park: The Ride Technically still located in Hollywood and Orlando parks, the ride has undergone cosmetic changes that have left riders lacking in nostalgia. redditor theuserjohnny He said, “Ride Jurassic Park: The Ride for the last time. All rides you originated in are now closed/replaced. “

Technically, the Hollywood version of The Journey has been updated to jurassic world: ride, But it is more technologically advanced than its previous incarnation. Other Redditors agreed that the new version is too focused on using screens and doesn’t give the same excitement as the old animation.

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