BYU Football: 5 ‘Program Status’ points for Media Day

As has been the case since Brigham Young University began holding its Football Media Day as a stand-alone television programme, State of the Program that kicks off the future-focused event.

This time around, it came with a twist of talk about more than just the upcoming season, as BYU is also gearing up to join the Power Five conference next year.

Here are five notes from what BYU Sports Director and Football Coach Kalani Sitak discussed during the programme.

Is BYU ready to join the Big 12 next year?

BYU will officially join the Big 12 on July 1, 2023. How ready are the Cougars to join the Power Five League?

“I don’t know if we’re ready, but I know we’ve planned long and hard,” Holmo said. “We are on the right track, time will tell. … There is still work to be done, but we have a lot of it behind us now.”

“We thought of ourselves and carried ourselves as a big force,” Setaki said.

Holmo also confirmed that when BYU joins the Big 12 conference, it will play nine conference games.

Who will be the third non-BYU conference opponent in 2023?

Last month , Tennessee State announces it has canceled its no-conference game against BYU in the 2023 season.

This leaves BYU with non-league games scheduled against Southern Utah and Arkansas in its first season in the Big 12.

Holmo, without revealing who the third non-conference opponent is, said a deal is imminent.

“We’re very close to a contract, we basically have an agreement,” he said. “It will fit into the schedule very well.”

Sitake showed his support in his athletic director, regardless of the third non-circling opponent.

“I just trust Tom to do his job. Whoever shows up we’ll be ready,” he said.

How did the name, image, example and transfer gate affect the college athletics?

Holmo said he agrees with the name, photo, example, and her ability to help student-athletes make some money, but she has gotten out of hand and could use help — possibly the government — with regulation.

“There are a lot of people working on ideas at the moment. I think everyone should come together. A lot of people are divided on issues, athletics, PR and other interests.

Likewise, transfer gate and regulation is a hot topic in college athletics, and especially in college football.

Setaki expressed confidence in his program’s ability to develop players already on the roster, while also taking advantage of the transfer portal to find the right fit to add to the programme.

“For us, it’s about fitness and youthfulness,” Setaki said. “The conversions that we’ve been able to make in the last two years have been really helpful to our program.”

What the BYU schedule for 2022 looks like, and more in Notre Dame

Last year, BYU went 6-1 against Power Five opponents, and this year, the Cougars will face five more, including fellow independent Notre Dame.

“It looks tough on paper,” Holmo said of the 2022 schedule. “About a week before the match starts, you’ll see what you get.”

Holmo said the Cougars v Notre Dame game in Las Vegas on October 8 will be a home game for the Fighting Irish as part of the Shamrock Series.

“The other option is we won’t play,” he said.

Sitake seemed confident that the Cougars would be ready for the opponents they would face next season.

“That’s why I came here, going to Big 12 couldn’t be easier,” he said.

What are BYU pot options in 2022?

Holmo said he met University of Santiago Vice Athletic and Vice Principal Brian Santiago with ESPN on Tuesday, and he is confident ESPN will put the Cougars in a strong bowl this season.

The Cougars were contracted to play in an ESPN-owned bowl in their final year as a freelancer.

“Over the course of the season, we’ll have conversations with them,” Holmo said. “We should be ready to take whatever bowl they give us, and hopefully it will be great.”