The war on my country presents a real opportunity to save the planet

Europe depends on Russian fossil fuels for 40% of its energy needs. (Photo by Olga Gordeeva/Em via Getty Images) participation in Nation Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! Thank you for registering for NationWeekly Bulletin. Thank you for registering. for more NationCheck out our latest release. participation in Nation Subscribe now for … Read more

Astronomers have discovered a hidden collection of massive black holes – ‘We’re all nervous’

Newly discovered massive black holes are found in dwarf galaxies, where their radiation rivals the light and abundance of young stars. Credit: Original NASA/ESA/Hubble image, Artistic depiction of a black hole with jets by M. Newly discovered black holes in dwarf galaxies shed light on the origin of our galaxy’s massive mass[{” attribute=””>black hole. A … Read more

Big Tobacco is killing the planet with plastic. The smokescreen must not be allowed to hide it | Vinayak Prasad and Andy Roel

TThe most common source of plastic pollution in our environment is not plastic bottles, bags or food wrappers, but cigarette butts. Smokers smoke approximately 800,000 metric tons of cigarettes each year, enough to cover their butts in New York Central Park. They are in every country on the planet, from city streets to trash, rivers … Read more

Finding the superconductivity in nickel

Electron phase diagram and structural description of multilayer nickel. A: Phase diagram of the copper (top) and nickel (bottom) electronic phases. b: Crystal structures of five-layer nickels in Ruddlesden-Popper Nd6Ni5O16 (left) and planar-phase reduced Nd6Ni5O12 (right), depicted at the same scale. Credit: Butana et al. The study of superconductivity is riddled with disappointments, dead ends, … Read more

Canada cattle, pigs forecast show mixed profit

Mixed forecast for pig prices 26 May 2022 4 minutes to read Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has changed feed cost forecasts for 2022, and stronger price volatility will continue for the rest of the year, challenging profitability, according to Canadian Agricultural Credit Market Report From economist Justin Shepherd. Livestock prices in 2022 are expected to … Read more

Mars conjunction on Memorial Day Weekend

Two of the most famous planets will shine in the night sky together over the extended weekend—in preparation for June’s most impressive planetary show. by Brian Lada AccuWeather Weather Clerk and Staff Clerk Posted May 25, 2022 11:42am PDT | Updated May 25, 2022 11:42AM PDT Mars and Jupiter will meet in a conjunction party … Read more

How did the universe get its magnetic field?

Visualizing magnetic fields of nematodes arising from large-scale motions of non-magnetized plasmas in a first-principles numerical simulation. Credit: Mooney Cho et al When we look at space, all of the astrophysical objects we see are embedded in magnetic fields. This is true not only in the vicinity of stars and planets, but also in the … Read more

Researchers identify an ancient bird behind Jian

Image: On the right is an emu-egg egg and on the left is the egg, which researchers believe originated from the Demon Duck of Doom, Genyornis newtoni. The last egg weighs about 1.5 kilograms, which is more than 20 times the weight of an average chicken egg. Opinion more Credit: Trevor Worthy A years-long research … Read more