Big tech is pumping millions into the wrong climate solution at Davos

Alphabet, Microsoft, and Salesforce today Pledge $500 million for a new climate technology that is supposed to pull carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to prevent it from heating the planet. It’s the latest move by Big Tech to push emerging technology forward while portraying themselves as global leaders when it comes to taking action on … Read more

Suggested road in Alaska threatens Anelka’s protection

By Alaskan standards, the cobbled road that an isolated community near the Aleutian Islands wants to build to connect to an airport isn’t a huge project. But because it will be cut through a federal wildlife refuge, the route has been a source of contention since it was first proposed decades ago. Now, the controversy … Read more

Brazil’s Bolsonaro raises environmental fines to protect the Amazon rainforest

São Paulo (May 24) (Reuters) – Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday signed a decree stepping up fines for environmental crimes, according to the government’s Official Gazette, in a move to allow tougher protection for the Amazon rainforest. Reuters exclusively reported earlier today that Bolsonaro is expected to sign the executive order as soon as … Read more

Chernobyl engineer reveals how he witnessed an accident at the factory four years before the disaster

An engineer who worked at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant revealed how he witnessed a major accident four years before the disaster in 1986. Nikolai Steinberg was among the Ukrainian engineers who built the plant near the Soviet city of Pripyat, and was head of the turbine in the summer of 1982 when a serious … Read more

Restrictions on renewables ‘will keep UK energy bills high this winter’ | Renewable energy

Consumers will face higher energy bills than necessary next winter due to the government’s decision to limit the generation of new renewable energy, which the renewable energy industry has described as a “missed opportunity”, and “outdated thinking” by a green campaign group. The ministers decided to approve contracts for about 12 gigawatts of new renewable … Read more

Green Laundry Spot – The New York Times

There are a lot of corporate climate pledges out there, and it’s easy to be cynical about them. I get it. We have received a lot of unsubstantiated allegations (for example, on Carbon offsets in airlines) and a lot of downright misinformation)oil companiesI’m looking at you) that it would be easy to dismiss them all. … Read more