Cardiac Test Labs files for the US IPO of the advanced ECG device

standret / iStock via Getty Images Quick take to heart screening laboratories Cardiac analysis laboratoriesHSCS) had filed to raise an undisclosed amount in an initial public offering of its units, consisting of common stock and warrants, according to S-1 Registration statement. The company is developing an improved medical ECG monitor (ElectroCardioGram). HSCS still has significant … Read more

Best Oculus Quest 2 Head Strap

If you’ve ever spent a lot of time in a virtual environment, you’ll know that comfort is key to staying immersed in the experience. The head strap that comes with Oculus Quest 2 – It will soon be called Meta Quest 2 – Strongly average, which means it can and should be replaced with something … Read more

Microsoft Build Conference Heralds the Era of AI-assisted Software Development – Visual Studio Magazine

News Microsoft Building Conference Heralds the Era of AI-assisted Software Development Artificial intelligence It may not come to your coding jobBut it will definitely change it. Years from now, looking back, Microsoft Build 2022 Developer Conference may be seen as the dawn of a new era of AI-assisted development. “AI and cryptography have become deeply … Read more

U of Bristol HPC Group Establishes Intel oneAPI Center of Excellence

May 26, 2022 – The University of Bristol’s High Performance Computing (HPC) research group creates the Intel oneAPI Center of Excellence, building on its history of closely collaborating with Intel on performance and advanced computer architectures. The center develops best practices for achieving exascale performance using a single open cross-architecture programming API and the Khronos … Read more

How to use Apple Pay

If you’re using an iPhone, Apple Pay is the easiest way to initiate contactless payments. Not only is the digital wallet service free to use, it is already built into your phone. Apple Pay works by letting you add a digital copy of your debit or credit card to the Wallet app. Once set up, … Read more

After the recent school shooting, Ted Cruz focuses on the doors

In the wake of the recent school massacre, Republican policymakers find themselves in a familiar situation. Pressed for answers, GOP officials can’t get away with simply saying, “We’ll wait for our time for a while until something new dominates the headlines and voters focus on something else.” And so the Republicans are skewed. The tropes … Read more

Our battle with China over the future of the Internet has only just begun

Placeholder while loading article actions Welcome to Cybersecurity 202! Before the month is over, consider watching the 1990 Louis Malle movie”may lieAbout the 1968 Paris student riots. Arcade FiremayNot half bad either. less: Twitter will pay a $150 million fine for collecting users’ personal information for security but using it for advertising, and the United … Read more