Microsoft Build Conference Heralds the Era of AI-assisted Software Development – Visual Studio Magazine

News Microsoft Building Conference Heralds the Era of AI-assisted Software Development Artificial intelligence It may not come to your coding jobBut it will definitely change it. Years from now, looking back, Microsoft Build 2022 Developer Conference may be seen as the dawn of a new era of AI-assisted development. “AI and cryptography have become deeply … Read more

AI, passive authentication for frictionless commerce

The best fraud prevention continues in the background – stopping bad actors, quietly, while improving the customer experience. Jason BaguandasVice President of Fraud Reduction and Strategy at Canadian Payment and Value Exchange Service Provider intercoursetold PYMNTS that artificial intelligence (AI) can lead to “dynamic and passive authentication” in all areas of commerce. And while this … Read more

China and Europe lead the push for AI regulation

A robot plays the piano at Apsara, a conference on cloud computing and artificial intelligence, in China, on October 19, 2021. As China renews its rulebook for technology, the European Union is developing its own regulatory framework to rein in AI but it is not yet past the finish line . Street | Afp | … Read more

Is diversity the key to collaboration? New AI research suggests that | MIT news

As AI gets better at performing tasks only once in human hands, such as driving cars, many see collective intelligence as the next frontier. In this future, humans and artificial intelligence are real partners in high-risk jobs, such as performing complex surgeries or Missile Defense. But before collective intelligence takes off, researchers must overcome a … Read more

AI mobile app improves assessment of ‘personalized’ patient-reported stool in IBS

Source / Disclosures Posted by: source: Pimentel M. Abstract 276. Presented in: Gastroenterology Week. May 21-24, 2022; San Diego (mixed meeting). Disclosures: Pimentel reports no conflict of interest. Add a subject to email alerts Receive an email when new articles are published on Please provide your email address to receive an email when new articles … Read more

Facial recognition company fined £7.5m for brazenly harvesting your data – do you care? | Technique

Your face has a defender: ICO. On Monday, the UK’s data protection regulator issued its third-largest fine ever against facial recognition provider Clearview AI. from Our story: The UK’s data watchdog has fined a facial recognition company £7.5m for collecting photos of people from social media platforms and the web to add to a global … Read more

The shared mechanism was discovered by mutations in various genes associated with autism, schizophrenia, and other conditions

summary: The researchers identified a mechanism shared by mutations in the SHANK3 and ADNP genes. Genes have been associated with the development of autism spectrum disorder and schizophrenia. source: Tel Aviv University Researchers at Tel Aviv University, led by Professor Ilana Joses from the Department of Human Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry at the Sackler School … Read more

Voice ordering AI keeps restaurant customers

Since the start of the pandemic, many restaurants have seen great success moving their menus online, placing orders out of the facility via digital platforms. In a challenging job market, these ordering channels provide a more efficient option for restaurants, enabling consumers to act as their own order holder. However, due to the efforts of … Read more