Screen Madness Computex 2022: 500Hz, 48″ OLED and more

Computex 2022 It’s been a bit of a mixed bag so far. We learned about the upcoming AMD Ryzen 7000 Wizards, which is very exciting, but on the other hand, things were beautiful Quiet on the graphics card interface. When it comes to screens, nothing could be further from the truth. At this year’s show, … Read more

Comprehensive optical computation of a set of transformations using a polarization-encoded diffraction network

Multipolar fission computing: comprehensive optical implementation of a set of linear transformations through a polarization-encoded refraction network. Credit: Ozcan Lab @ UCLA. The implementation of large-scale linear transformations or matrix calculations plays a central role in modern information processing systems. Digital computer systems need to complete up to billions of matrix operations per second to … Read more

PsiQuantum announces Qlimate initiative to develop advanced climate technologies enabled by quantum computing

Palo Alto, California – (work wire) –PsiQuantumQlimate, the company that builds the world’s first utility-scale quantum computer, today announced Qlimate in Davos. Qlimate, a subsidiary of PsiQuantum, is a net-zero quantum computing initiative that builds partnerships to develop and scale decarbonization technology breakthroughs. The world’s first quantum computers will be in great demand on a … Read more

Wednesday Evening Briefing – The New York Times

(Want to get this newsletter in your inbox? Here Registration.) Good evening. Here’s the latest news at the end of Wednesday. 1. A rural Texas town is wracked with grief, as more details emerge about the school shooting. distance 19 fourth graders and two teachers were killed In the worst school shooting since Sandy Hook, … Read more

Microsoft expands its partnership in artificial intelligence with Meta

Microsoft and Meta are expanding their ongoing partnership in the field of artificial intelligence, with Identifying Meta for Azure as a ‘strategic cloud provider’ to accelerate AI research and development. Microsoft officials shared more details about the latest developments in the Microsoft-Meta partnership on the second day of Microsoft Build 2022 Developer Conference. Microsoft and … Read more

Social media shares plunge after earnings warning from parent company Snapchat

A profit warning from Snapchat’s parent company sent its shares crashing more than 40% on Tuesday, prompting an industry-wide sell-off as the social media company signaled tough times in the once-thriving digital ad industry. The company said in a statement issued Monday evening, that the macroeconomic environment has deteriorated “more and faster than expected” since … Read more

3 Reasons We Stopped Talking About Private Cloud Computing

If you were to include the buzzwords dominating the cloud computing industry today, terms like “multicloud,” “hybrid cloud,” and “hybrid cloud.”alternate cloud“ Likely to top it. But here’s one term that might not be on the list: “private cloud.” Related: A Guide to Cloud Architectures: Single Cloud, Multiple Cloud, Poly Cloud and Beyond Although private … Read more

WeRide has received a strategic investment from Bosch for the joint development of vehicle classification and mass production of an advanced driving solution in China

we ride WeRide and Bosch enter into a strategic partnership Bosch and WeRide representatives at the strategic partnership signing ceremony GUANGZHOU, China and Shanghai, China, May 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – WeRide, a global leader in Tier 4 autonomous driving technology, has announced a strategic investment it has received from Bosch, one of the leading … Read more

How to get more security from Android Messages

Written by Jack Wallen, Contributing writer Jack Wallen is a contributing writer Jack Wallen is what happens when a General Elixir’s mind confuses with the grunt of the day. Jack is a truth-seeker and word writer with a quantum mechanical pencil and a disjointed pulse of voice and soul. Full CV Nothing is 100% safe. … Read more

DURABLE LAPTOPS: Panasonic’s modular Toughbook 40 is built for the toughest use cases

Photo: Panasonic The new Panasonic is designed to meet the needs of customers such as military, police and utility companies 40- Gergean Internally dubbed “the ultimate Toughbook” – it brings new levels of modular configurability to the entire rugged laptop space. Built around a magnesium alloy chassis and carrying the robust credentials required – IP66 … Read more