Best Oculus Quest 2 Head Strap

If you’ve ever spent a lot of time in a virtual environment, you’ll know that comfort is key to staying immersed in the experience. The head strap that comes with Oculus Quest 2 – It will soon be called Meta Quest 2 – Strongly average, which means it can and should be replaced with something … Read more

Himax Technologies Will Attend The 6th Annual Conference Of Needham Virtual Automotive Tech On June 7, 2022

Himax Technologies, Inc. Tainan, Taiwan, May 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Himax Technologies, Inc., announced today. (Nasdaq: HIMX) (“HIMAX” or “the Company”), a leading supplier and manufacturer of display drivers and other semiconductor products. That the company will attend the sixth Needham Virtual Automotive Tech Conference to be held on June 7, 2022. The company’s … Read more

Deloitte Sports Industry Predictions 2022

By the end of 2021, most professional sports leagues and college athletics had returned to a relative sense of normalcy with full seasons and live fans, at which time organizations needed to find new sources of income and ways to connect deeply with fans. This year, new emerging regions are preparing to diversify the sport. … Read more

Toronto show explores NFT sneakers in Metaverse

Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto It is preparing to launch its latest exhibition this week. authorized The future is now: virtual sneakers for cutting edge kicksThe exhibition will explore the frontiers of footwear during the 21st century and beyond – looking at everything from game-changing designs, new aesthetics, and advances in accessibility and sustainability, to … Read more

Xtal VR Headset Review: High Quality Immersive Technology

The demand for high-quality virtual reality headsets is constantly growing. Back in December last year, it was pointed That companies have been buying immersive headphones and tech gear at an astonishing rate, a trend that will continue for years to come. According to IDC’s March 2022 Quarterly ReportHeadphone shipments grew an astonishing 92 percent in … Read more

More architects are using virtual/augmented reality to bridge connectivity gaps and cut costs

Architecture firms at the forefront of technology are integrating the use of augmentation and Virtual Reality As a way to help clients better visualize designs. The A&D industry has used 3D rendering as a visualization tool for years, but VR And AR takes the experience one step further by allowing customers to interact with their … Read more

The pilot of the FPV drone makes videos with a unique perspective

CLEVELAND – Eric Hellinger arms at his side, holding onto what looks like a video game console. His head was wrapped in virtual reality goggles that, just a few years ago, would have been more comfortable at home in a cyberpunk sci-fi feature. Dave Kolabin / News 5 Eric Hellinger controls his drone. His feet … Read more