Number of suspected cases in North Korea of ​​COVID-19 approaches 2 million

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea on Thursday reported another 26,270 suspected cases of COVID-19 as its epidemic cases approached two million — a week after the country acknowledged the outbreak and scrambled to slow infections among its unvaccinated population. The country is also trying to prevent its fragile economy from deteriorating further, but … Read more

Biden is turning his attention back to Asia after months of focusing on Russia’s war in Ukraine

Biden’s discontinuation of two loyal US allies – South Korea and Japan – is intended to bolster partnerships at a moment of global instability. While Biden and his team have spent much of their time and resources on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, provocations from North Korea have intensified and China continues to project its … Read more

Russia uses new laser weapons in Ukraine and Zelensky mocks ‘wonderful weapon’

Russia indulges in its own secret laser arsenal Zelensky sarcastically compares the use of lasers to the Nazis’ wondrous weapons Satellites 1,500 km away can go blind LONDON (Reuters) – Russia said on Wednesday it was using a new generation of powerful lasers in Ukraine to incinerate drones and deploying some of Moscow’s secret weapons … Read more

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s reaction to NATO’s expansion in Sweden and Finland is a big farce

As the position of the political leadership of Finland and Sweden to join NATO (NATO)-Russian President Vladimir Putin Worst nightmare – Putin suddenly showed calm, only this week stating that he “has no problems” with Finland and Sweden joining the collective defense organization. “With regard to enlargement, including the accession of two possible new members, … Read more

Yellen: It is not legal for the United States to seize official Russian assets

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Wednesday that the United States had no legal authority to seize Russian Central Bank assets frozen over its invasion of Ukraine, but was in talks with U.S. partners about ways to make Russia. Pay the bill for post-war reconstruction in Ukraine began. Yellen also said that a special license … Read more

US reopens its embassy; Russian soldier pleads guilty

A Russian sergeant on Wednesday pleaded guilty in Ukraine’s first war crimes trial to fatal shooting of an unarmed civilian in the northeastern Sumy region four days after the invasion began. Vadim Shishimarin, 21, may be sentenced to life in prison for the shooting of the 62-year-old Ukrainian man. Prosecutors say Shchechymarin was among a … Read more

The latest news of the war between Russia and Ukraine: live updates

BRUSSELS – The global economy is heading for a potentially bleak period as rising costs, shortages of food and other goods, and the continuing Russian invasion of Ukraine threaten to slow economic growth and cause a painful global recession. Two years after the coronavirus pandemic emerged and left much of the world paralyzed, policy makers … Read more

Yellen warns of global “stagflation” risks from gas and food prices

Placeholder while loading article actions Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen said on Wednesday that Americans should not expect immediate relief from higher gas prices, but emphasized that increases in global supply are likely to ultimately provide long-term relief for motorists at the pump. Yellen also warned that slow growth could combine with inflation around the … Read more

Europe has a $221 billion plan to ditch Russian energy

Presenting its “REPowerEU” plan on Wednesday, the European Commission said it will try to cut Russian gas consumption across the bloc by 66% by the end of this year – and break its dependence entirely before 2027 – by saving energy and finding alternative sources. and accelerating the transition to renewable energy sources. “We are … Read more