CEEK VR Partners with Play for Change 2022 Official Formula 1 CRYPTO.COM Miami Grand Prix After Party and the Impact Awards

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In celebration of the upcoming Impact Awards, Hard Rock & Play for Change is collaborating for a Formula 1 Crypto.com Miami Grand Prix After Party honoring legendary artist Luis Fonsi, with musical performances by notable artists: CeeLo Green, Manuel Turizo, Mau y Ricky and many more great artists .

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 14, 2022 / CEEK VR Excited to partner with the wonderful Play for Change Foundation. As partners, CEEK will showcase the exclusive premiere of the official Formula 1 Grand Prix Crypto.com Miami Grand Prix after the party and the Impact Awards will appear at CEEK VR METAVERSE.

Ceek VR Inc.  Friday, May 13, 2022, press release image

Ceek VR Inc. Friday, May 13, 2022, press release image

Playing for Change held its first concert, the official Formula 1 party Crypto.com Miami Grand Prix After Party, on May 4y , 2022 at DAER Hard Rock Hollywood, with sales proceeds returning to the Foundation to continue its initiative to bring music and arts education to young people around the world ahead of the annual PFCF Impact Awards at the Faena Forum in Miami Beach, Florida. on May 14y 2022. This year’s shows by award-winning artists will be shown exclusively at Seek Metaverse . The Official Formula 1 Championship Crypto.com Miami Grand Prix After Party is preparing to attract the best names from celebrities, influencers, Miami socialites, as well as the best racers to the Grand Prix circuit.

In addition, CEEK VR has cooperated with Impact Awards/Play for Change Foundation To present this year’s event to the CEEK Metaverse. There will be many award-winning shows www.ceek.com As well as on the CEEK VR app. CEEK Metaverse will also contain an exclusive NFT collection with Impact Awards Celebrating music stars and their fans. Mary Speu, founder and CEO, says, “Exclusive Impact Awards / Play for Change NFT Foundation collection It enables us to engage music fans in an exciting and impactful way, while raising money for a truly important cause.”

This year’s Impact Foundation (PFCF) Awards honors music icons Luis Fonsi and Paula Abdul for their philanthropic initiatives throughout their careers toward making the world a better place on May 14.y, 2022 at the Faena Forum in Miami Beach, Florida. PFCF is a non-profit organization operating over 50 locations in 15 countries, with a mission to create positive change through music and arts education, and along with this year’s honorees, they can continue their global impact. PFCF founder Whitney Korink says, “Partnering with this year’s CEEK Metaverse for the Impact Awards is a perfect match. Our organization aligns with our vision of empowering people from all over the world through music and art. The CEEK platform will help expand the show’s reach to a world-class level.”

About CEEK Metaverse:

CEEK is the popular Metaverse that enables music artists to create NFTs, live events, avatars, digital goods, venues, arts, and social games that traverse multiple virtual worlds. CEEK VR pioneered virtual reality parties with the goal of making virtual reality experiences fun and enjoyable globally. Award-winning distributor of blockchain-certified digital media and celebrity merchandise. CEEK Smart VR Tokens allow Ceekers (members of the CEEK community) the ability to access authenticated content and celebrity merchandise through transparent content rights reporting and automatic publisher payments via smart contracts. CEEK metaverse simulates the collective experience of attending a live concert, attending a sporting event, and other exclusive “money can’t buy” experiences with friends anywhere, anytime. please check www.ceek.com.

About the Play for Change Foundation:

For 15 years, Play for Change has helped young people rise through their own culture using music education to bring about social and economic change in areas that are economically poor, but very culturally rich. With over 50 locations in 15 countries and growing, the positive impact of PFCF on youth, families and communities in need is truly extraordinary. For more information, visit us online at www.playingforchange.orgEmail us at info@playingforchange.org Follow us: Facebook: PlayingForChangeFoundation Instagram:PlayingForChangeFoundation.

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