Chelsea – Liverpool: FA Cup Final – Live! | FA cup

57 minutes Diaz tries to run James, and finds that it’s not quite as easy as doing the same with Shaloba. Rhys James became an exceptional full-back in every respect.

55 minutes A vital defense from Alexander-Arnold, who stopped James’ low cross to hit Pulisic on the six-yard line. Moments later, James’ curved cross dodged Alonso’s stretch.

55 minutes As with the Carabao Cup final earlier in the season, this is one of the best 0-0 revolutions.

52 minutes: Just away from Diaz! More first-class theatrical work of Luis Suarez’s famous tribute known as Luis Diaz. He got a short pass on the edge of the D, smoothly pulled away from Kovacic and reversed on a lower run off This is amazing Widely. Mendy did not move.

51 minutes A sinister cross from Alexander-Arnold collides with Robertson – who’s never been swayed by James losing a header in front of him – and a wide dribble. Alexander Arnold was at the same time one of the best and worst players on the field. His death was truly remarkable, and yet almost all of Chelsea’s chances have come to his side.

48 min: Alonso hits the crossbar! It was a great start to the second half of Chelsea. They won a free kick on the right wing, very close to the corner flag, and Alonso whipped up an extravagant curler that overpowered a jumping Allison and hit the crossbar’s face!

47 min: Good save from Allison! Alonso plays the ball in Lukaku, who is doing well to get back to Konate and feed Pulisic. He hits a good shot from about 15 yards pushed by diver Allison. That was much better than Lukaku.

46 min: Just away from Alonso! Chelsea almost scored after 36 seconds of the second half. Pulisic played a pass to Mount, who thought he was offside (wrong as it happened) and ignored it. This allowed Pulisic to run into a pass of his own and cross deep into Alonso. He pulled it down on the box, away from Alexander-Arnold, and drove off the far post.

46 minutes Peep peep! Liverpool The second half begins.

Half time reading

First half: Chelsea 0-0 Liverpool

Peep peep! There are no goals at Wembley, although both teams had chances in strong arm wrestling in the first half. Edward Mendy and Alisson made excellent saves from Luis Diaz and Marcos Alonso respectively, while Diogo Jota, Christian Pulisic and Romelu Lukaku missed good chances.

Jota works as a substitute for Mohamed Salah, who was discharged due to a thigh injury

45 + 2 minutes “Chelsea deserve a lot of credit for the way they have handled a terrible season,” says Phil Podolsky. “I thought that before the serious injuries to James and Chilwell disrupting their entire setup, they seemed close to a halt, and definitely up there with the top two. As a Barcelona fan, I’m a fan of clubs whose DNA is ‘we’re going to do our best with the hand we’ve got’ rather than From “We can only perform when we are safe in the knowledge that we are the best team in the world by a large margin”.

I have no idea what you mean.

45 + 1 min: A chance for Lukaku! On the other hand, Romelu Lukaku misses a good opportunity. Jorginho stunned a gentle pass down the left inner channel to find Lukaku, who got a half yard from van Dijk but flew over the bar from 10 yards. Comfortable Lukaku could have buried that.

45 minutes: a chance for a jota! This looks like it more than Liverpool. Robertson bends a superb cross to the near post, as Jota swerves away from Thiago but fires a shot over the crossbar. It wasn’t the easiest ball to take for the first time, but it was only six yards away.

Liverpool's Diogo Jota responded after a shot over the crossbar.
Liverpool’s Diogo Jota responded after a shot over the crossbar. Photo: The Guardian

43 minutes Konate Plotters over 30 yards. From their explosive beginnings, Liverpool It doesn’t look particularly threatening.

41 minutes Mount plays a promising pass to find Lukaku in the area, but is immediately surrounded by defenders and the attack fades.

40 minutes Jurgen Klopp has a whine for the fourth referee about one thing or another. If he said what he really believed, he would be off for six months.

39 minutes “if Liverpool “They were meant to be seen as failures, supporters of most clubs would fail every season,” says Richard Hurst. “Seeing Fulham at Wembley in 1975 and Hamburg in the 2010 Europa League final is the highlight of my time as a fan. Losing was no failure. Just being there was a success beyond anything I ever expected. A little perspective is required.”

38 minutes Pulisic and Mount appear brighter, while Lukaku appears less bright. Liverpool They treated him comfortably until now, almost with contempt.

Virgil van Dijk of Liverpool fends off Christian Pulisic of Chelsea as Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson goes out to collect the ball.
Virgil van Dijk of Liverpool fends off Christian Pulisic of Chelsea as Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson goes out to collect the ball. Photo: Charlotte Wilson/Offside/Getty Images

36 minutes It’s more of a competition yet, and Thomas Tuchel will be happy with how you do it Chelsea They have recovered from such a difficult start. Perhaps they had better chances.

34 minutes Chelsea started to look dangerous at the break. Fitting angles Excellent pass to Pulisic, whose cross shot was blocked by Konate. This is not the first time that a file Chelsea A player from Alexander-Arnold escaped into the penalty area.

33 minutes: Liverpool substitution Diogo Jota replaces Mohamed Salah. It’s the same shape now, with Jota on the right and Diaz on the left. They played on opposite sides at Villa Park on Tuesday.

Salah came out injured

32 minutes Now Mohamed Salah has fallen and it seems that he will not be able to continue. It’s a thigh problem, and Diogo Jota is preparing to take his place. The Champions League final – against bloody Real Madrid – is 14 days away.

Mohamed Salah is receiving treatment from Liverpool before he injured his thigh.
Mohamed Salah is receiving treatment from Liverpool before he injured his thigh. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian

31 minutes Alison is fine.

“One could argue with that, even if Liverpool He was set to finish second in the remaining three competitions, still have a successful season to play in every possible match, make every final, and manage City’s gigantic budget very close,” says Rob Moore. “To reach the three finals is a season already filled with successes. On the other hand, you could argue that losing in two of three finals would be a failure, although I would call it a disappointment instead.”

This might be the word I would use. It’s an interesting question, though. How, for example, did you define Bayer Leverkusen’s 2001-02 season? Failure does not seem to be the correct description of the team that provided joy, poor and wine to all.

30 minutes Allison is still receiving treatment, but I think he will be fine. Alonson pinned him to the side of his leg in pursuit.

28 min: Big save from Allison! This is the best opportunity so far. Mount guides an excellent pass to Pulisic, who has room to turn and jog in the backpedaling Liverpool defense. He gets to the edge of the area and plays for Alonso, whose slightly heavy first touch lets Alisson out and block the shot.

It’s a great save, but Alisson injured himself colliding both legs with Alonso.

Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson blocks a shot from Chelsea's Marcos Alonso.
Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson blocks a shot from Chelsea’s Marcos Alonso. Photo: Ian Walton/The Associated Press

26 minutes I don’t remember seeing Mane fall as much as he did at the beginning of this game, and that causes Chelsea Many problems.

23 minutes: A chance for Chelsea! Thiago is still on the field and seems to be moving just fine. His cross cross ignited Chelsea’s best attack to date. Eventually he finds James Mount, whose low cross has been completely disengaged from the far column by Pulisic. That was a very good opportunity, despite not having much speed on the ball.

21 minutes Robertson contributes inside James, uses Diaz by not using him and then shoots wide from 25 yards.

21 minutes Mindy reaches the edge of his zone to take out a through pass for Mane. However, Chelsea’s period was much quieter Liverpool Still the most dangerous aspect.

Chelsea goalkeeper Edward Mendy gets the ball first ahead of Liverpool's Sadio Mane (centre) and heads away as Chelsea's Trevo Chalobah looks on.
Chelsea goalkeeper Edward Mendy gets the ball first ahead of Liverpool’s Sadio Mane (centre) and heads away as Chelsea’s Trevo Chalobah looks on. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian

19 minutes “Hi Rob,” says Simon McMahon. “I’m with Klopp and with yourself. It’s the experience that counts. And of course there’s also the whole reality > expectation = happiness too. Last season Celtic fans protested that they didn’t win their 10th league title in a row. Dundee United fans at Dingwall today were dancing on the pitch like idiots After finishing fourth and qualifying for Europe The 1986-87 season was one of the most memorable seasons ever when we finished third in the league and lost the UEFA Cup and Scottish Cup Finals. Anyway, let’s hope football is the winner today. You will somehow not forget…”

I’m sure you’ve seen it but there is a really interesting documentary about that European race that appears sporadically on BBC Alba. fact, there he is.

18 minutes Thiago fouled Kovacic on the right wing outside the penalty area. Alonso’s sloppy free kick, straight into Alisson’s hands.

16 minutes Pulisic’s wide shots, although not counted due to Lukaku’s handball in training.

“I hesitate to say it out loud, but I was glad the opponent chose Lukaku,” says Ian Kupsacky. “But have we ever won with Fabinho and not in our team? Get STATS!”

15 minutes The indisputable case of this pass.

😎 What a pass
😲 What a chance
🧤 What a save

The @EmiratesFACup final is off to a blistering start – and you can watch it LIVE 👇

— ITV Football (@itvfootball) May 14, 2022


😎 What a pass
😲 What a chance
🧤 what save

The EmiratesFACup Final is a strong start – and you can watch it live 👇

– ITV Football (itvfootball) May 14, 2022

13 minutes Mane curves an excellent pass around Shaloba to find Diaz. He retreats to the inside and was confronted by Al-Shalloba with a bullet. Then Alexander Arnold stopped a shot on the other side.

Chelsea may have to swap James and Shaloba for a while as Diaz is rioting.

12 minutes Thiago wants to continue but is limping badly.

11 minutes The Chelsea problem: Thiago Silva has fallen, and it doesn’t look great.

Chelsea's Thiago Silva responded after being injured during an intervention.
Chelsea’s Thiago Silva responded after being injured during an intervention. Photo: Glenn Kirk/AFP/Getty Images

10 minutes “The reason for the yellow group is that Chelsea Consider it their lucky group (for the semi-finals or finals),” says Ed Wall. “They’ve chosen to wear it over the blue jersey in the final whenever possible over the past two seasons. Enjoy the match! “

Is this true? Love that so far, with all the data analytics, marginal gains and £97.5m signings, the top clubs still believe in things like lucky kits.

8 minutes: Good save from Mindy! Alexander-Arnold spins in unbefiberAble to pass with the right foot from the outside to put Diaz in the goal. He shoots very close to Mindy, who makes a partial block with his feet. The ball drips behind him and Shaloba takes it off the goal line. Keita picks up the loose ball and hits it far from the edge of the area.

Liverpool's Naby Keita shoots on sight under pressure from Chelsea's Antonio Rudiger.
Liverpool’s Naby Keita shoots on sight under pressure from Chelsea’s Antonio Rudiger. Photo: Eddie Keogh/FA/Getty Images

That pass from Alexander-Arnold was mean.

8 minutes Diaz defeats Shaluba again, this time reducing him behind Salah. Liverpool It started really well, especially Manny and Diaz.

7 minutes Alexander Arnold corner headed Lukaku.

6 minutes Salah accidentally deflects the ball into Jorginho’s face, with the ball deflected back for a corner. Salah checks that Jorginho is fine, and he is.

4 minutes The first dangerous attack comes from Liverpool. Diaz runs the slub and crosses merely In front of Thiago stretch, then Salah loops header over the crossbar from Alexander Arnold’s cross.