Jankovi? pens his incredibly bizarre graphic novel ahead of his next autobiography

Weird Al Yankovic collaborates with Z2 Comics to publish The Photographer Al: Songs for “Weird Al” Yankovica new graphic novel that illustrates some of Yankovisions’ weirdest work.

CBR can debut exclusive art, created by Danny Hellman, featured in a waxed bundle of collector cards that come with the purchase of deluxe editions of The Photographer Al: Songs for “Weird Al” Yankovic. graphic novel It was composed by Jankovi? and offers fans a visual look at some of the artist’s most famous parody songs. Among the artists involved in the project is Drew Friedman (mad magazineand Mike and Laura Allredcrazy, Ex Silent), Bill Plimpton (Your face, guard dog), Aaron Ogenblick (Supergel!And ugly americans), Peter Page (i hate it), Sam Viviano (MA Magazine), Steve Chanks (pistol magazine), hell man (village sound), Felipe Sobrero (Luther Strode, Head of Death), Gideon Kendall (Mega Ghost), Michael Cooperman (up all nightAnd New Yorker), Wes Hargis (My new teacher and me!And when i grow up), Robin Bowling ( Tom the Dancing Bug and Super-Fun-Pak Comix), Fred Harper (New York timesAnd The Wall Street Journal), and more. The Photographer Al: Songs for “Weird Al” Yankovic It also contains a custom print set by Jesse Philips and provided by comedian Emo Philips, who is currently open to Yankovic on his 133-show tour across North America.

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The Photographer Al: Songs for “Weird Al” Yankovic Comes in softcover, hardcover, plush oversized hardcover and deluxe hand-signed oversized hardcover. Cover art from Friedman, Mike and Laura Allred. Besides the collector’s card wax bundle, the deluxe editions also include a Jesse Philips three-piece art print set, a vinyl slipcover and beverage mugs. The Super Deluxe Edition also includes signed Al books and a small accordion marked “Weird Al” Yankovic.

“It’s an incredible honor to see the lyrics to my song come to life by some of my all-time favorite cartoonists and illustrators,” Jankovic said of the graphic novel. Four decades in the music business so that one day I can have my own graphic novel.”

“I don’t remember any time in my life before Weird Al’ Yankovic, and frankly, I don’t want to. His music, lyrics, artistry, and sense of humor have had a lasting impact on my career,” Project Editor and Z2 Comics Chief Business Officer Josh Bernstein added. “Having Z2 compiled an all-star list of the greatest living cartoonists to collaborate with Weird Al was a dream come true. I hope both new and old fanatics will appreciate the love, care, and crazy art we’re in for this project, and, as usual, we dare to be idiots.”

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Jankovi? is the best-selling comedian of all time. He achieved fame with his 1979 parody “My Bologna” of The Knack’s My Sharona, sold over 12 million albums throughout his career and won five Grammy Awards. mandatory funReleased in 2014, Yankovic’s album was the first comedy album in history to debut at number one Billboard Top 200.

Jankovi? will also appear in the future Stranger: The Jankovic Story, a new biographical film directed by Eric Appel promises to reveal every aspect of Jankovi? Daniel Radcliffe will play the titular character of Weird Al, While Evan Rachel WoodRen Wilson and Julian Nicholson also star in the film.

Source: Z2 Comics

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