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Every Saturday between now and the end of the Major League Baseball season, we’ll dive into some of the current notable success streaks, trends of some of the biggest stars and potential free pickups in fantasy baseball. Some of the names that topped the leaderboard were nowhere near the top of many fantasy baseball rankings this pre-season, but hey, that’s the humble nature of America’s amusement. Some of the players below may still be available on your fantasy baseball waiver wire, which means you should run fast to add these players to your list if available.

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The Pittsburgh Pirates may not be the best team in Major League Baseball, but Ben Jameel He’s been seeing the ball pretty well lately. Over the past week, he’s made .375 with 1,054 OPS, and has had two, five RBI and five stroke runs in that span. He can pass a bag or two when needed, and only O’Neill Cruz’s arrival should help the Pittsburgh lineup. Gamel is by no means a league winner, but he swings with a hot bat and hits gracefully in all but two games here in May.

His average of 258 over the past week may not jump off the page, but Colin Moran He sees the ball at the very least. He’s come back four times in the last eight games, and he’s a good 0.677 in that period. The seven-stroke wasn’t perfect, but his strength has been on full display for the Reds lately, and while the power source is high, he should be on the list in most formats, especially the deeper ones. Rostering Moran may require a little management ingenuity, however, hitting only 182 away from his garden,

We have to include Juan Ypez right? Definitely! All the youngster has done is hit the .348 with .423 OBP over the last six games, and it will be St. Louis’ duty to keep his racket in the lineup as much as possible. The indicator is that he’s going to get a lot of runs for the foreseeable future, and that should only mean good things for fantasy baseball managers. It’s beyond expectations at the moment, and it’s likely to be some growing pains, but for now, enjoy the hot line.

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over the past week, Rudy Telles He hit a paltry .083 with seven strokes. Tellez had a great streak against Cincinnati, but since then, the results have been disappointing. Many of his projected stats still jump off the chart, at 97 percent per barrel, but he appears to be back on the ground a bit, especially as the ball’s strike rate is on the rise.

The average hit of 136 hits by 13 in the last 22 knockouts just isn’t going to cut it. Eugenio SuarezA legit strength, no one will deny it, but offensive strikes are a problem, and his hitting average is an absolute drain on your fantasy team. In the points league, you can put up with Suarez’s problems, especially if the league does not underestimate the value of your shots. If he’s not hitting at home, he’s not doing much for you, and he’s been successful in 18 consecutive competitions.

tommy addiction He’s in a bit of a slump right now, but at least he’s had two stolen bases over the past week to give fantasy baseball managers a boost to the overall stats streak. His volleyball profile will be forever underwhelming, but the pace is legitimate, and he’s limited by regular playing time in this lineup. His fantasy value peaks when he reaches the top of the lineup, but his OBP of .185 over the past week may give the Cardinals something to consider moving forward.

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