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Trade talks emanating from Thursday night’s NBA draft brought a long list of veteran players to the forefront early in the season, with Jerami Grant, John Collins, Rudy Gobert, OG Anunoby and upcoming free agents like Jalen Brunson and Deandre Ayton dominating the conversations among the executives. in the league.

A new name will appear in many commercial discussions on Wednesday: San Antonio Spurs All-Star goalkeeper Dejaunt Murray, who Tweet encoded with eye emoji They set the internet on fire on Tuesday.

Spurs are making bids for Murray and have told several interested teams that it will take a “Jrue Holiday-like package” for San Antonio to give up the 25-year-old general, setting a rough standard for three first-round picks for any suitor to take Murray out for free.

League sources told B/R that San Antonio’s most important discussions over Murray appeared to be speaking with the Atlanta Hawks, in a framework that would bring Collins back to Spurs. San Antonio and Atlanta started around this deal concept at least dating back to the February trade deadline. Sources said Atlanta, among other off-season targets, has explored various options to add a dynamic ball player and defensive partner alongside Trae Young in the Hawks’ backcountry. Ironically, the first indications of Atlanta’s efforts to find a superior teammate Leung in the Hawks’ guard rotation were when New Orleans offered a vacation again in 2020.

Other teams aggressively looking for point guards are currently known to be the New York Knicks and Washington Wizards, while the Minnesota Timberwolves have actively explored the market for D’Angelo Russell trade scenarios, sources told B/R.

Murray is coming off an exceptional year in San Antonio, earning his first All-Star nod and manipulating triple-double averages over the course of the season: 21.1 points, 8.3 rebounds, and 9.2 assists per game. But there is a feeling among NBA executives that San Antonio remains open to an extended rebuild, and an expensive Murray contract extension inevitably looms large already. His current $64 million, four-year deal is due to expire in 2024, and Murray is expected to earn his maximum salary in line with his current production and skill development.

For Collins, Atlanta’s well-known drive to move the talented forward revolves around the league, with San Antonio, Sacramento and Utah – in a potential swap for Gobert – the 24-year-old’s most legitimate potential landing sites. Wednesday Night Portland acquisition of Grant from the Detroit Pistons, and Trail Blazers priority in pick number 7 for Anunobyappears to make Portland a less likely destination for Collins, despite frequent business talks between the Blazers’ and Hawks front offices.

Deandry Eaton to Detroit?

Another immediate effect extending from the Detroit to Portland trading grant is the sudden wealth of financial resilience now facing the Pistons front office. Detroit has been linked as a potential ghost man to rob Deandre Ayton, Mitchell Robinson, Miles Bridges, Jalen Brunson and Collin Sexton at free agency.

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While the Pistons can’t pass all of those players mentioned above, Detroit is now expected to have upwards of $50 million in cap space, with the Pistons expected to pick team options for Hamido Diallo and Luca Garza.

Detroit always seemed to be the biggest threat to giving Eaton the maximum salary he and his representatives clearly wanted. Despite Portland’s rumored interest, the Trail Blazers are widely expected to retain starting position Joseph Nurkic. Atlanta brasses have their hands on many other cookie jars, including Gobert’s. San Antonio is frequently mentioned as a student of Ayton as well.

Now, the Pistons can spend over $30 million on Ayton’s big payday and still hunt other coveted free agents. League personnel have long mentioned signing and trading with Jeramy Grant as a possible mechanism to get Eaton to the Pistons.

But even before Grant moved to Portland, Suns officials began sending letters to rival teams and other outside league staff that Phoenix wouldn’t necessarily refuse to match any offer paper to Ayton, sources told B/R. With no clear signature and trading piece to send once. Others to the Suns, it is unclear whether Detroit will unhindered pursuit of Ayton in the restricted free agent market.


If New York ultimately fails in its efforts to lure Bronson away from the Dallas Mavericks, Malcolm Brugdon is widely expected to be the Knicks’ next target this season, sources told B/R, not the more slender main name Kyrie Irving. .

The Pacers have been constantly discussing Brogdon’s trades with the Knicks and the Wizards ahead of Thursday’s NBA draft, sources said, but there is a strong sense of skepticism from league officials that Brogdon will indeed move to Washington or New York in a USA-centric package. Choose number 10 or number 11.

Sources said the Wizards were willing to discuss Kyle Kuzma and Kentavius ​​Caldwell Pope in business talks. New York explores all options related to Alec Burks, Evan Fournier, Nerlens Noel, Kemba Walker and Cam Reddish.

Other veteran ball players who were said to be available for trading, in addition to the aforementioned Murray and Russell, are Utah Jazz point guard Mike Conley, Charlotte’s Terry Roser, and Pelican point guard Defonte Graham, along with Nuggets’ Monty Morris.

The latest on Miles Turner, Tobias Harris, Jazz Star price and more

  • Pacers Miles Turner Center Market is said to include Minnesota, Toronto and Charlotte. New York has always registered an interest in Turner, too, but Knicks is only seen as a serious student of Turner if Mitchell Robinson leaves free agency.
  • Philadelphia continued to explore Tobias Harris’ trade packages. Sources said the Sixers have called on a healthy portion of the teams to gauge the value of Harris, Danny Green and Matisse Thybulle, and have contacted several teams specifically looking for a first-round pick versus Thybulle as part of a three-frame team deal to land a rotation player veteran.
  • Indiana, Utah, Boston and Detroit were all described as teams seeking picks in the back half of the first round.
  • To do so, the Celtics seem willing to engage in conversations about rotating players like Grant Williams and Payton Pritchard, but only at the right price.
  • Utah is looking for a first-round pick to transfer any rotation player other than Donovan Mitchell or Rudy Gobert. Royce O’Neale scored a range of business interests from across the league.
  • Sources said Phoenix has called on competitors to gauge Jay Crowder’s value in the commercial market, while the Suns have been linked again to Eric Gordon. Phoenix has had discussions with Houston to acquire Gordon, Chris Paul’s former teammate with The Rockets, on the February trade deadline. It is also said that Phoenix is ​​looking for a selection for the second round.
  • Serbian point guard Vasilije Micic remains a hot name in the commercial market. OKC holds his initial rights, and Nikola Jokic has been said to have been a driving factor in Denver’s interest in having the best player in the Euroleague. San Antonio, Milwaukee, and Chicago are also mentioned as legitimate suitors.

Jake Fisher covers the NBA for Bleacher Report and is the author of Built to Lose: How the NBA Age of Tanks Changed the League Forever.