Man Trolls insists 10¢ phone fee, internet fun

Man Was Asked To Pay 10 Cents After Using His Company Phone, But How He Paid That Payment Happened Readers With His Viral Read reddit Which got more than 11,000 votes.

Shared by u/brother_p On a Reddit forum “Harmful Compatibility,” the man said the incident happened before phone plans allowed unlimited calling plans.

He was expected to abide by the rules set for owning a work phone, which include no texting, limited long-distance calling, and no camera use.

man on work phone
A man revealed how he paid the 10 cents fee he was issued to use his work phone in a viral Reddit post. Above, a photo of a man on his phone at work.
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according to realityThere are several reasons why companies issue a mobile phone to employees. Some of the benefits associated with it include consistency in the workplace, money savings, and increased employee availability.

Offering a mobile phone may save the employer money because they will not be expected to reimburse the employee for any additional costs with their personal plan.

u/brother_p wrote an exception for a long distance phone call that was booked for travel.

“In my job, I rarely have to travel to a different calling area, but if I did, I was allowed one long-distance call per day to call home. That’s it,” he wrote.

On one trip, he called his family and talked to his kids before having dinner, doing some work and sleeping.

The next day of his conference, u/brother_p said he got a call from his home office which went down. However, he called the office again and later called his family to leave a message.

“At the end of the month I got a call from the finance department,” u/brother_p wrote.

He said he was told there had been an unauthorized long-distance phone call, referring to calls made to his office and home.

It was then that u/brother_p was asked how he planned to reimburse the company for the phone call, which amounted to 10 cents.

“I thought I was corrupt,” he wrote. “Seriously. I sat in stunned silence for a few moments.”

Then u/brother_p told the supervisor that he would pay the company directly. He took out two nickels, stuck them on a piece of paper and wrote that it was for charging the phone. Then put it in an envelope, which was left in the outgoing mail drawer.

A few days after he submitted the payment, u/brother_p said he got a call from the controller and learned that the supervisor had complained about him.

u/brother_p wrote: “I explained the situation, told her the supervisor insisted on paying the $0.10 fee and she complied.” “I laughed out loud. The paper, the envelope, and the postage stamps cost the company more than they got back.”

From then on, employees had to recoup calls costing more than $10.

redditor feedback

Reddit users were very pleased with u/brother_p’s fee tactic.

“I gave everyone at that company more flexibility in making phone calls,” one Reddit user wrote.

Another commented: “For 10 cents plus postage paid by the company.” “amazing [return on investment]. “

One Redditor joked that u/brother_p should have written a check for 11 cents.

One comment read: “The worst thing is that the guy who grabbed $0.10 probably wouldn’t have cared, but was bitten off for not caring some time in the past.”

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