Mary and George’s fights are getting worse

The final trailer for Season 5 of Young Sheldon has been released and shows that the fights between George and Mary are getting worse.

The Young Sheldon The final trailer for Season 5 reveals that George and Mary’s fights are getting worse and worse. The Big Bang Theory The current season of prequel has only one episode left after a fairly heavy penultimate outing. However, it doesn’t look like the Coopers will ever get a break like George and Mary’s arguments It doesn’t just persist, it gets worse.

Since it was revealed in Young SheldonEpisode 100 in which Georgie accidentally gets pregnant with his girlfriend, Coopers has been scrambling to figure out how to handle the situation. The main disagreement concerns George and Mary, who have been arguing about the couple’s next course of business. While Mary wants them to get married, as she and her husband did when they were in the same predicament, Sheldon’s father thinks it’s a bad idea. The couple’s feud begins to spill over into other aspects of their marriage and in Young Sheldon Season 5 Episode 21, things took a turn for the worse after that. George finally comes face to face with Reverend Rob.

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Like The Big Bang Theory The prequel is ending its year, and George and Mary’s relationship seems to be getting worse. in the new Young Sheldon The final trailer for Season 5, Sheldon’s parents keep fighting, this time over their financial situation after Mary was fired from her job. Watch the clip below:

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The Young Sheldon The fifth season, titled the final “Clogged Pores, A Little Spanish and the Future.” The episode summary gives viewers an idea of ​​what to expect from it. For starters, Mary and George will be looking for new jobs, which fit in with what was revealed in the trailer. George is understandably concerned about their financial situation after Mary’s expulsion. But it’s strange if that also means he’ll be fired from his job at Medford High School – something he’s been worried about for a while now. Elsewhere, Sheldon will deal with the first signs of puberty and Messi will come to help him navigate it. Meanwhile, Meemaw is going on a business trip across the border, and Georgie appears to be with her.

viewers Young Sheldon Know that George has always been worried about money. With Mary out of work now, oddly enough, the reason he was so angry with his wife in the trailer was that she still hoped the church would bring her back. Given how cold Reverend Jeff has been to excommunicate her, Mary may have to accept that her devotees have turned their backs on her. Whether or not this finally leads to the start of the breakdown of their marriage is unknown, but given the The schedule in force in The Big Bang TheoryIt’s very likely that things will go wrong from now on.

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