Roto Riteup: June 22, 2022

Don’t open it!!!

On the agenda:

  1. Closest chaos
  2. quick beats
  3. Various news and notes
  4. running pitchers

Closest chaos

Danny Jimenez was placed on IL with a shoulder strain. No structural damage was shown on the MRI, but there is no timeline for its return. Zach Johnson and AJ Book are likely to be the main candidates for the bailout in his absence.

quick beats

Manuel Margo and Kevin Kiermayer have been placed on IL. Margot is expected to lose a significant amount of time due to a sprained knee while Kiermayer is expected to be back soon. Brett Phillips and Josh Lowe should get an increase in their playing time while they recover.

Brandon Crawford left Tuesday’s game with a bruised knee after hitting the home plate. Take it day in and day out for now.

Buddy Kennedy left Tuesday’s game with wrist discomfort. Take it day in and day out for now.

George Springer left Tuesday’s game with elbow pain. He is expected to undergo more tests on Wednesday. Take it day in and day out for now.

Sal Perez left Tuesday’s match, apparently with a hand problem, after a swing. He just got back from an assignment in IL because of his thumbs up, so it would make sense to exacerbate this problem. Consider it day in and day out, but hopefully we’ll have more information on Wednesday.

Various news and notes

Rwansea Contreras threw five runs into the Cubs victory, allowing the four-stroke to run and two-walk while he scored three.

Despite the decent streak, the Contreras weren’t particularly sharp. He gave up his home race to Patrick Wisdom and should have given up another to Christopher Morell. The Fastball and Curve are great but he can struggle to hold his stuff. The Cubs didn’t make him push, but there will be ups and downs with the climb so he drives better in the area.

Marco Gonzalez threw seven innings, allowing two runs on seven hits and walks while scoring two in the win.

Gonzalez had thrown six games without goals before giving up two shots in the seventh inning to Nick Allen. Gonzalez does a great job of keeping hitters balanced by being able to throw all four of his pitches at any given time. The base numbers aren’t good, but they never really suit him and he’s always out of his peripherals, so if you can handle a bad WHIP, it’s a good ERA stabilizer and streaming device for the team.

Nolan Gorman went 4-4 with two runs at home in the win over the Brewers.

Gorman has been fantastic since called in, coming in at .280/.350/.516 with six home runs and 17 RBI in 103 board appearances. He’s been coming out at 32% which will probably come back to bite at some point, but at the moment he’s a daily player in a great squad and he might be able to run in the swing and screw up a bit.

Flowing jugs (<50% at CBS)

Jug of the Day: Chad Cole at the Museum of Islamic Art

Kuhl has been quietly good this year, but on the road the strikes have been great. He’s having a nice game in Miami.

High-Risk Options: CHW’s Ross Stripling, Tyler Wells against WAS, Patrick Corbin at BAL, Daniel Lynch at LAA.

Jug of Tomorrow: Johnny Koito vs. Pal

It looks like a trap but Koito made a good bet and it’s a good match.

High-Risk Options: PIT’s Justin Steele, MIA’s Kyle Freeland, MIA’s Braxton Jarrett, Jason Alexander vs. STL.

For those of you who would like to see how these shots work, I have a document I put together to track stats from recommended shooters. It does not include “high-risk options”.