Opinion: It’s time to prepare for a recession

Editor’s note: Lakshman Akuthan and Anirvan Banerjee are co-founders of the Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI). The opinions expressed in this comment are their own. The economy is about to enter a recession, perhaps as soon as this year. To avoid a major financial hit, Americans will need to prepare. Last summer, we wrote that … Read more

Energy Secretary says, Biden is obsessed with lowering gas prices, but his power is limited

Granholm told CNN on Tuesday after a rare tour of Strategic Petroleum ReserveEmergency oil stocks in the country. “The president doesn’t control the price,” the former Michigan governor said during the interview at GE’s wind turbine facility in New Orleans. Granholm was speaking hours after touring Bayou Chocteau, One of the four major oil storage … Read more

The Personal Finance Tips Every College Graduate Needs

picture: J Fialkovsky (stock struggle) For years I lived on a college budget, Find meals where possible, buy gas on a flight-by-flight basis, and never think once of the term “401(K).“ Getting that first salary from your employer will feel like more money than you know what to do with it. but bBefore you start … Read more

Electronics braces for a rally as chip giants like TSMC and Samsung raise prices

A man passes by the TSMC logo at the company’s headquarters in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Sam Yeh | AFP | Getty Images The cost of semiconductor-based products is set to increase as chip foundries prepare to increase their prices, according to analysts. The world’s largest foundries – including Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing CorporationAnd Samsung And Intel Corporation … Read more

Pre-market stocks: The bull market has silenced millions of day traders. They are on a difficult journey

A version of this story first appeared in the CNN Business “Before the Bell” newsletter. Not a subscriber? You can register here. You can listen to an audio version of the newsletter by clicking on the same link. London CNN Business – In early 2021, in the midst of a speculative stock market euphoria, a … Read more

How a Netflix high school graduate built a $100,000 project

Justin Ellen found himself at a difficult crossroads when he was 17 – should he pursue his passion for baking full time, or go to college to continue his education? At the time, the youngest contestant on the popular Netflix show baking was making custom cakes from home as a side hustle, while also tinkering … Read more