Using AI to Reduce Performance Risk in US Procurement

Advances in digital technology can help manage federal acquisition targets. US Government Procurement System aspire To get the best goods and services from the best private sector companies at the best prices. To achieve these goals and ensure that taxpayer funds are adequately protected, Federal takeover regulation (FAR) makes clear that the government procurement process … Read more

Procurement Path to AI Governance

Procurement standards can promote the responsible use of AI by government. The growing interest in the adoption of artificial intelligence systems by all levels of government Probably Big controversy. AI has as much to offer the government, as can automated tools Allow responsible for Manufacture Their decision-making processes are faster, more accurate and predictable. But … Read more

7 steps to more ethical AI

AI ethics is the responsibility of the team GT Artificial intelligence violates privacy. The output generated by AI cannot be explained. Artificial intelligence is biased. All of this is true, it is happening today, and there is a risk that these issues will accelerate as AI adoption grows. Before lawsuits start pouring in and government … Read more

AI can overcome human weaknesses

Many of the advantages of artificial intelligence are known, understood, and promoted. Its limitations are also known. But there are other notable features that deserve our attention, albeit not often mentioned. Advantages AI applications can perform incredibly complex tasks with ease. They can customize recommendations for the next song you might enjoy or choose millions … Read more

Scotiabank leads the way with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence

This is a five-part blog series From a recent interview I had with Grace Lee, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, and Dr. Yannick Lalmint, Vice President, AI & ML Solutions at Scotiabank. Scotiabank is a Canadian multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. One of the Big Five banks in Canada, it … Read more

The use of AI in gastroenterology can go beyond ‘cool tools’ to improve practice efficiency

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology continues to advance in the field of the digestive system, speakers at Digestive Diseases Week 2022 discussed how these tools can be put into practice to improve efficiency, reduce physician fatigue, and achieve cost savings. As Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology continues to advance in the field of the digestive system, … Read more