Inflation hits women hard: ‘There is a clear link between financially stressed people and poor mental health’

The pandemic came first, then inflation. Americans already Concerned by the price hike. However, experts say that women feel it more acutely. A combination of factors — including the gender imbalance in homework and financial insecurity caused by the pandemic and exacerbated by increased childcare costs — all affect women’s mental health. “There is a … Read more

A Tencent investor cut his stake. This is not bad for internet recovery in China.

font size Internet giant Prosus and its parent company Naspers reduced their stake in Tencent, and sold shares of Jill Sabry / Bloomberg When a large shareholder starts selling, it’s usually a science. Internet conglomerate Positives And the parent company Naspers ‘Monday’s decision to reduce its stake in the Chinese Internet company Tencent Holdings … Read more

Has corporate greed increased inflation? He’s not the biggest culprit

Washington (AFP) – Outraged by price hikes at the gas station and supermarket, many consumers feel they know just where to blame: on greedy companies that are relentlessly raising prices and making profits. In response to that sentiment, last month the Democratic-led House of Representatives passed a party line vote — most Democrats in favor, … Read more

Energy prices are causing havoc in Asia. The rest of the world should be worried

CNN Business – in Sri LankaPeople line up for miles to fill up your tank. In Bangladesh, stores closed at 8pm to conserve energy. In India and Pakistan, power outages are forcing schools to close, businesses are shutting down, and residents are feeling the heat without air conditioning through deadly heat waves in which temperatures … Read more

Opinion: Reverse RO doesn’t just hurt women – it hurts us all

Editor’s note: Dr. Robert Klitsman He is a professor of psychiatry and director of the Internet and In-person Masters in Bioethics Programs at Columbia University. He is the author of a bookDesigning children: How technology is changing the ways we create children“Am I my genes? Facing fate and family secrets in the age of genetic … Read more

Think carefully before you trade in your old smartphone or tablet – you can make more money “recycling” on resale sites

When it comes to the old personal technology found throughout the home — from smartphones to tablets to game consoles — many people may not realize how much value is left in their devices. Keeping tech out of landfills or just collecting dust in the back of the closet by exploring resale sites that match … Read more

Companies have to influence privacy and healthcare

Pro-choice activists appear outside the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC on June 15, 2022. Mandel Ngan | AFP | Getty Images The challenges posed by the end of Roe v. Wade are just the beginning for American companies. by Overturning a previous miscarriage On Friday, the US Supreme Court launched a series of new … Read more

Manufacturers struggle to keep up with record demand for vinyl

The arrival of CD nearly wiped out record albums, as vinyl press machines were sold, scrapped, and scrapped by major record companies. Four decades later, with record albums sales reviving double-digit annual growth, manufacturers are rapidly rebuilding an industry to keep pace with the billion-dollar sales last year. Dozens of cylinder pressing plants have been … Read more

Ukrainian army leaves devastated city for fortified positions

Kyiv, Ukraine (AFP) – After weeks of fierce fightingA regional official said, on Friday, that Ukrainian forces began withdrawing from a besieged city in the east of the country to move to stronger positions, a four-month sign of the Russian invasion. The planned withdrawal from Severodonetsk, the administrative center of the Luhansk region, comes after … Read more