A Tencent investor cut his stake. This is not bad for internet recovery in China.

font size Internet giant Prosus and its parent company Naspers reduced their stake in Tencent, and sold shares of JD.com. Jill Sabry / Bloomberg When a large shareholder starts selling, it’s usually a science. Internet conglomerate Positives And the parent company Naspers ‘Monday’s decision to reduce its stake in the Chinese Internet company Tencent Holdings … Read more

AI-Powered Coding Helper aims to help developers, not replace them

GitHub Inc.’s new automated computer encoder will help. Companies are managing a chronic shortage of software developers, but they won’t replace them, according to the company’s CEO. Thomas Dohmke, CEO of Microsoft corp. Owned GitHub says the AI-powered coding tool, launched this week as Copilot, is designed to make it easier to write long lines … Read more

Markets won’t sink forever. Asset management stocks are a cheap game on recovery.

Asset management stocks have been hit hard this year in market sell-offs, with some dropping 35% to 45%, almost double the decline in Standard & Poor’s 500 index. No industry is more directly related to the stock and bond markets, and a bear market leads to lower assets under management, revenue and profits. Earnings estimates … Read more

Oracle stock looks like a buy even in the doldrums

font size Oracle expects its cloud business to grow at least 30% in the next fiscal year. David Paul Morris/Bloomberg Amidst this diabolical brew of price hikes, high inflation and recession fears, the tech sector offers Few hiding places for investors. The market is dumping the high-growth, nonprofit software stocks that have propelled the sector … Read more

China’s bond market records fourth month of outflows

Foreign investors cut their holdings of Chinese bonds by another $16 billion in May, the month that saw the yuan It reached its lowest level in 20 monthsAs institutions continue to transfer funds to other assets that offer better returns. May marked the fourth consecutive month of outflows from Chinese yuan-denominated bonds, bringing the total … Read more

Metaverse spending to total $5 trillion in 2030, McKinsey predicts

Annual global corporate and consumer spending related to metaviruses could reach $5 trillion by 2030, according to a new report from consultancy McKinsey & Co. McKenzie said e-commerce in the metaverse will comprise about $2 trillion to $2.6 trillion of the total, while virtual advertising efforts will make up between $144 billion and $206 billion. … Read more

Apple looks to cars and banking for the next big thing

font size At a recent development event, Apple showcased plans to significantly expand the CarPlay platform to include every display in the driver’s cockpit. Courtesy of Apple apple He needs to think a lot these days. Really great. Apart from retailers Walmart And the Amazon.com And the Apple (stock ticker: AAPL) generates more revenue than … Read more

Schwab, Fidelity Reportedly Collaborating With Market Makers On Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

A crypto market backed by some of the biggest names in traditional finance could be launched in the coming months, giving casual investors another way to enter the relatively new asset class. Although few details are available about the project, it could represent an important step towards popularizing cryptocurrency trading for retail investors. dream time … Read more

Here’s why Chinese Internet stocks are poised for a short-term boost

font size Internet shares in China rose after news policy makers completed their regulatory investigations into DiDi Global. Here: Didi’s car in Beijing Greg Baker/AFP via Getty Images Chinese internet stocks poised for more short-term gains as Chinese regulators are said to conclude their investigation into the taxi-hailing service. Didi World (Stock ticker: DIDI) The … Read more

Companies keep Libor on the books despite being pushed to a new standard

Companies are clinging to the London interbank offered rate for existing loans and derivatives despite a push by regulators to ditch the troubled benchmark interest rate, which will disappear after about a year. Financial authorities began phasing out LIBOR in 2017 after traders in large banks rate manipulation, which underpins trillions of dollars in financial … Read more