What we do in the shadows paved the way for our knowledge means death

picture: FX There’s a moment in the new trailer for FX . Season 4. What do we do in the shadows? Where the vampire’s neighbor asks, “What word are you guys talking about?” When Guillermo (Harvey Gillen answers)multi-angle? ‘, says the neighbor, ‘No, I was kind of thinking like dirty hippies. “ for share viewers … Read more

Westworld Summary: Season 4, Episode 1

Evan Rachel Wood in Westworld picture: Jon Johnson / HBO Westworld It is a show about storytelling. During its first three seasons, authors Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy make it clear that they are fascinated by the way novels rule our world: concepts such as free will and agency, in the show’s cosmology, are closely … Read more

Love and Thunder clip from Jane Foster Thor

picture: Marvel Studios Guess who’s back (again) in Riverdale. Get a fresh look at Westworldback. Plus, shout 6 Expands his team again, and provokes the hidden wrath of a comeback american horror story. Spoilers now! shout 6 Limit Henry Czerny is the latest actor to join the cast shout 6 In an undisclosed role. breeders … Read more

Mario movie producer says Chris Pratt won’t offend Italians

Ask 100 random people about this guy and he’ll probably say 99 Chris Evans.picture: Valerie McConne (Getty Images) Illumination CEO Chris Meledandri appears to be assuming his studio is under fire over Chris Pratt’s choice of plumber of the same name. Mario The movie is because of concerns about Italian acting and not because Chris … Read more

Sci-fi comedy Brian and Charles: Interview with the director and stars

picture: Focus Features The world can be a dark and horrific place. But as Brian and Charles Delightfully explores, the power of friendship can work wonders, even when that friendship falters at times – and even when that friendship is between a lonely inventor and an oddly huge inventor Robot It is made from random … Read more

Love and Thunder Runtime Revealed

screenshot: Marvel Studios somehow, a the new Duke Nukem The movie is on the way. Also, a new look The headless knight! shout 6 He wants to move to the Big Apple. Plus, These crazy kids on me Riverdale Fighting biblical strikes, this week Evil Deals with the great sex demon. Spoilers away! Duke Nukem … Read more

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Recap: Episode 4, “Momento Mori”

picture: CBS Studios quite Star Trek: Strange New Worlds It gave us a really powerful formula between cutting out the classics a trip The building and taking one of its main characters to dive a little deeper along the way. This week is no exception, but with a particularly big argument: What if talk Star … Read more