The biology of Danny Boyle’s flashy sex pistols

Louis Partridge, Anson Boone and Toby Wallace a gunpicture: Mia Mizuno / FX The Sex Pistols Historical Album Don’t bother with fingers here are the sex pistols It was a flashpoint, the climax, according to some, in the year the punk erupted and even the very thing, according to others, that broke the punk. On … Read more

Moonage Daydream, Trippy’s Tribute to David Bowie, asked many questions at Cannes

when I saw David Bowie At a concert, twenty years ago, he began performing “Space Oddity” halfway through the party, after a major hiatus. The sound of Major Tom’s Ground Control, without any backing track, rang through the concert hall, and the audience became untamed. “Control from Earth to Major Tom,” Bowie shouted again, then … Read more