LIV Golf knows how to claim victory, but the PGA Tour is fighting back

In almost every other moment in American sports history, LIV Golf will have almost no chance of survival, doomed to the same fate as every springtime soccer league or any rebellious pro sports startup. Money is burning, struggling to get any foundation, plunging into chaos, and eventually hoping for a merger so that at least … Read more

Brooks Koepka says more time for physical recovery, change of opinion led to LIV Golf’s move

Northern Plains, Raw – Four-time main champ Brooks Kopka He said Tuesday that he did not agree to join the LIV Golf Invitational Series until after playing at the US Open two weeks ago. Speaking at a press conference ahead of the first LIV Golf Championship in the US, which begins Thursday at Pumpkin Ridge … Read more

How Saudi Arabia’s new professional golf series is transforming the sport

The LIV Invitational Series, a new golf tournament backed by money from Saudi Arabia, is causing a major rift in the world of golf. The chain’s website claims it’s an “opportunity to revitalize golf”, but opponents and human rights advocates say Saudi Arabia, whose government has been shown to be responsible for Washington Post journalist … Read more

In persevering Gee Chun, she holds up against Lexi Thompson to win the PGA Women’s Championship

BETHESDA, Maryland – V Ji Chun He was an upbeat and smiling presence throughout the Women’s PGA Championship – easy enough when you hit 64 in the first round and comfortably top most of the championship. In the final round, all of her positive thinking was tested. “Golf is never easy,” said the 27-year-old South … Read more

In Gee Chun ties the women’s main record with 5 shots after the first round of the PGA Women’s Championship

BETHESDA, MD – Gee Chun alone tops the Women’s PGA Championship leaderboard after an exciting start. In fact, no player has ever progressed more after 18 holes in a women’s major. Chun reached 8-under 64 on Thursday to gain a 5-hit advantage after the first round in Congress. While most of the field ran during … Read more

Rory McIlroy, GT Boston top the Travelers’ Championship at 8-under-62 after the first round

Cromwell, Connecticut – Rory McIlroy He battled a sinus error to hit 8-under 62 on Thursday for a share of the lead in the first round with JT Boston in the Travelers Championship. Coming out of Sunday’s fifth-place game at the US Open after winning the Canadian Open the previous week, second-seeded McIlroy had a … Read more