Zeke Emmanuel contemplates a $200 million jury verdict in favor of a deceased patient who was denied proton beam therapy

After the jury’s recent decision to award the family of a deceased man $200 million in compensation after the man was denied insurance coverage for a specific treatment for lung cancer, the question remains: Is The jury is wrong at her decision? Bill Esquiw was battling lung cancer and eventually died after UnitedHealth decided they … Read more

Global economic concerns overshadow the Davos meeting

DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) – Inflation is rising. Russia’s war in Ukraine. Supply chains are shrinking. The threat of food insecurity around the world. The protracted COVID-19 pandemic. The risks to the global economy are many, leading to an increasingly bleak outlook for the months ahead for corporate leaders, government officials and other dignitaries at the … Read more

Supreme Court weighs $300 at end of weekly unemployment payments

Columbus, Ohio (AP) – In June 2021, Governor Mike DeWine ended Ohio’s engagement in the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Aid Program before the government’s deadline to stop payments. Lawyers for the Republican governor say he has the legal authority to do so. People who lost out on extra benefits say DeWine didn’t, and should have continued. … Read more

Gas wells leaking explosive levels of methane in Bakersfield | Health, medicine and fitness

By DREW COSTLEY – AP . Science Writer Some Bakersfield residents are concerned about possible explosions after a government agency found that six idled oil wells near homes had been leaking methane in the past several days. State and regional inspectors have found methane concentrations in the air around some wells at potentially explosive levels, … Read more

Mental health discussion in Osaka resonated at the French Open

Paris (AFP) – Naomi Osaka’s French Open 2022 has ended After losing the first round. The remaining players in the tournament see and hear the products of her candid discussion of anxiety and depression a year ago — from the new “Quiet Rooms” and three on-call psychiatrists at Roland Garros to a broader sense that … Read more

Georgia primaries run smoothly despite new election law | Health, medicine and fitness

By Christina A Cassidy and Jeff Mulvihill – The Associated Press ATLANTA (AFP) – In the first statewide test of new voting restrictions, Georgia’s high-stakes primaries appeared to run smoothly on Tuesday with no reports of major problems in one of the country’s most important battleground states. A record number of votes cast during the … Read more

Don’t trust headlines making huge health claims about a single food. here why

You may have read stories claiming that eating blueberries lowers the risk of dementia, that red wine is good for your heart, or that coffee protects against type 2 dementia. diabetic — or, in fact, the many other big health claims about a particular “superfood.” But what is the truth of these statements? While we … Read more

Jailhouse Milieus: Detention Center Focuses on Mental Health Issues | Western Colorado

Mesa County Commissioner Cody Davis, left, and Capt. Art Smith in charge of the Mesa County Detention Division. Scott Crabtree The Mesa County Detention Center isn’t just a prison anymore. It’s also a key component of Mesa County’s efforts to deal with mental health and behavioral issues. Many things happen in and around the county … Read more

Cases of monkeypox virus have been reported in 11 countries

Roman Welfell, head of the Institute of Microbiology in the German Armed Forces, works in his lab in Munich, May 20, 2022, after Germany detected its first case of monkeypox. [Photo/Agencies] Cases of monkeypox, a rare viral disease usually found in Africa, have been reported in 11 countries, including the United States and Europe. Globally, … Read more

What are “green prescriptions” the new treatment for lifestyle, genetic and chronic diseases?

Spend some time in the wild. Walking on the hills. Try bathing in the woods. Raft in calm waters. Try your hand at healing gardening… This all sounds like friendly advice from a friend who cares about your health but is actually what a standard prescription from a doctor might look like in the future. … Read more