Rehabilitation Hospital in Montana integrates virtual reality technology and artificial intelligence into patient care | Country and Territory

Emily Schipper Dr. Jose Ortiz counted the minutes he spent in the back of an ambulance carrying him from Red Lodge to Billings. Timely treatment is essential to save one’s life or quality of life during a stroke. Ortiz had at least a 60-minute drive before he was admitted to the hospital. His medical school … Read more

The American Thoracic Society announces leadership for 2022-2023

Newswise – May 17, 2022 – Today at the annual membership meeting, the list of officers to serve on the Executive Committee of the American Thoracic Society for the period 2021-2022 has been approved by the members. Effective immediately, the full composition of the Executive Committee will consist of the following: Gregory Downey, MD, ATSF, … Read more

Texas health officials struggle to prepare to end pandemic emergency

Subscribe to the feedOur daily newsletter that keeps readers up to date with the most important Texas news. At the start of the pandemic, when household income earners lost their jobs and access to health care, the federal government relaxed Medicaid rules to allow more people to stay in the National Health Insurance program. But … Read more

Depopulation threatens federal food and health programs on reservations

Posted on May 15, 2022, 4:06 pm Carly Graf Kaiser Health News The 2020 census missed nearly 1 in 17 Native Americans who live on reservations, a smaller number that could lead to inadequate federal funding for basic health, nutrition, and social programs in remote communities with high poverty rates and limited access to services. … Read more

New AI tool can speed up psoriatic arthritis diagnosis by up to 4 years

Researchers in Israel show that a new machine learning tool can speed up psoriatic arthritis (PsA) diagnosis by up to 4 years, potentially preventing Irreversible joint damage and deterioration of function for patients. PsA is a progressive inflammatory condition that affects the joints and connective skin mostly in patients with psoriasis (a chronic skin disease). … Read more

Virginia Prepares to Review 2 Million ‘Safe Harbor’ Medicaid Eligibility Review | government and politics

It’s just a matter of when, but Virginia is preparing to start a comprehensive 12-month review of more than two million people in Medicaid For the elderly, the disabled and those with limited income. Federal State Program, Supercharged by Virginia’s Expansion of Eligibility in 2019 Under Affordable Care Acthas added more than half a million … Read more

Covid boosters are essential for older adults. Why don’t more people get it?

KHN – Even as top US health officials say, it’s time for America learn to live With the coronavirus, a chorus of top researchers said, wrong messaging on booster shots has left millions of elderly people in grave danger. Nearly 1 in 3 Americans 65 and older who completed the initial round of vaccination did … Read more

Nine worrying signs about the economy

Subscribe to Derek’s newsletter here. The US economy is not looking good right now. US GDP contracted last quarter, despite strong performance from US consumers. Inflation is high Markets are down Personal savings and wages are showing some worrying statistical signs. Is the US headed for a recession in 2022? I don’t know for sure. … Read more

Gene found in tuberculosis bacteria essential for iron secretion and virulence – News

This finding validates iron secretion as a drug target in tuberculosis and reveals a novel mechanism for putative drugs. Many tuberculosis bacteria are highly resistant to many antibiotics. Michael Niederweis, left, and Lei ZhangLi Zhang, Ph.D., and Michael Niederois, Ph.D., from The University of Alabama at Birmingham They have taken what they call a “major … Read more

Germany’s digital health efforts are faltering. Is the Lauterbach strategy a ticket? – Politico

This article is the product of a Politico working group. Germany may be known for its efficiency, but that is not true when it comes to digitizing its health system. Since 2019, Germany has introduced three major new digital health laws covering everything from electronic patient records to the digitization of its hospitals. But in … Read more