Italy’s economy enters choppy waters – POLITICO

Click play to listen to this article Smooth sailing in Italy is about to end. A combination of factors – the ‘Super Mario’ brand of its prime minister, negative interest rates and the opportunity to spend nearly €200 billion in the EU refund money It means that the third-largest economy in the European Union was … Read more

The return of stagflation can be prevented with smart policy – POLITICO

Joachim Nagel is Chairman of the Deutsche Bundesbank. Flashy background, corduroy flares, long sideburns, disco and punk. The 1970s were a tumultuous “in your face” decade. And for many, this decade is still a magnet. Revivals come again and again, both in fashion and music. Economically, the 1970s were a difficult decade, plagued by two … Read more

Here’s what’s at stake for the markets if the Bank of Japan sticks to its pessimistic path

After a week of historic interest rate hikes and violent moves by the Federal Reserve and other major central banks, the Bank of Japan has never looked like a rebel standing against the consensus. After wrapping up its two-day monetary policy meeting on Friday, the Bank of Japan is widely expected to leave interest rates … Read more

The Federal Reserve may need tougher treatment to curb inflation

font size Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell hopes to hold onto a “soft” landing, slowing inflation without hurting the economy. Sarah Selbiger / Getty Images The Federal Reserve has just raised its key interest rate by the most since 1994. That may not be enough to keep inflation from its worst since the 1970s. Indeed, … Read more

US stock market rises after Fed rate hike

US stocks rose on Wednesday after the Federal Reserve approved it The largest increase in the interest rate Since 1994 it is likely that moves of this magnitude will not become common. The S&P 500 rose 54.51 points, or 1.5%, to 3789.99, cutting a five-day losing streak. The Dow Jones Industrial Average added 303.70 points, … Read more

Mortgage rates hit 6% after a big sell-off in the bond market

font size Rising mortgage rates are cooling the housing market, providing some relief for homebuyers. Justin Sullivan / Getty Images Mortgage rates reached 6% after a sharp sell-off in the mortgage stock market, a development that could further slow the housing market. On its website, Rocket Mortgage offers an interest rate of 6.25% on 30-year … Read more

Companies keep Libor on the books despite being pushed to a new standard

Companies are clinging to the London interbank offered rate for existing loans and derivatives despite a push by regulators to ditch the troubled benchmark interest rate, which will disappear after about a year. Financial authorities began phasing out LIBOR in 2017 after traders in large banks rate manipulation, which underpins trillions of dollars in financial … Read more

EXCLUSIVE: Fed Bostik says the idea of ​​stopping in September is not linked to any imminent market rescue

Atlanta Fed President Rafael Bostic said in an exclusive interview with MarketWatch that his suggestion that the central bank would pause in September in its drive to raise interest rates should not in any way be construed as a “Fed mode,” or the belief that The central bank will come to the rescue of the … Read more

Opinion: It’s time to prepare for a recession

Editor’s note: Lakshman Akuthan and Anirvan Banerjee are co-founders of the Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI). The opinions expressed in this comment are their own. The economy is about to enter a recession, perhaps as soon as this year. To avoid a major financial hit, Americans will need to prepare. Last summer, we wrote that … Read more