Inside ‘A Family Dinner’, the Body Horror Movie at the Tribeca Film Festival

We’ve all tried family visits during the holidays, but most of us have never experienced a reunion like the Easter curse in the middle of family dinner. Austrian writer/director Peter Hengel’s debut outside the Tribeca Film Festival keeps the action understated at first, but in the end, the film’s carefully choreographed horror gives way to … Read more

Talk show Ziwe beats the Jimmys at their own game

have found Ziwi As many have donethrough viral clips that constantly Take the rounds on Twitter. The clips all have the same look: Ziwe, who looks constantly beautiful in the latest fashion and in full glamour, sitting on the set of her entire millennial pink talk show, Staring at celebrities confused. Ziwe asks not only … Read more

Mr. Taylor Swift and Margaret Qualley have a lot of sex in Stars at Noon. Only if they had any chemistry.

Even the best film directors need good actors. Claire Dennis She has worked with an unofficial troupe of actors who have been recurring in her films throughout her career, such as Gregoire Colin and Alex Diskas, and he’s also had more lead actors this century, than Vincent Lyndon in miscreants And Isabelle Hubert at white … Read more

Moonage Daydream, Trippy’s Tribute to David Bowie, asked many questions at Cannes

when I saw David Bowie At a concert, twenty years ago, he began performing “Space Oddity” halfway through the party, after a major hiatus. The sound of Major Tom’s Ground Control, without any backing track, rang through the concert hall, and the audience became untamed. “Control from Earth to Major Tom,” Bowie shouted again, then … Read more

In Cannes ‘Holy Spider’, a serial killer kills prostitutes in Iran – and the country supports him

a serial killer Roaming the streets at night, he picks up desperate wretched women, many hooked on crack, and strangles them to death in his house. A young journalist, (of course) feisty and emotionally invested in the case, sets out to track down the killer, who has become known as the Spider Killer: their fates … Read more

The ‘Triangle of Sorrow’, a brutal mockery of influencers and billionaires, seduces Cannes

After the surprise attributed to the Palme d’Or SquareDelicately styled, burdened, but at times somewhat pious Robin Ostlund from the art world, Town had been eagerly waiting to see the director’s next move. His follow-up, which is generally considered an influencer-led one-percent socio-political satire, takes all of Ostlund’s best qualities—namely, formal liveliness, a stern eye … Read more

“Squid Game” Star Lee Jung-jae’s Movie Bloodbath “Hunt” Can Rattles

Chase It is – excitingly or disappointingly, depending on your preference – not a gritty, character-based reboot of Mission: Impossible A franchise, but rather a South Korean political thriller, made by squid game Superstar Lee Jong Jae makes his directorial debut. fact that Chase It’s pretty clear that the debut, with all the rugged, messy … Read more