Challenge to the healthcare industry: Be better at mental health | The healthiest community health news

The COVID-19 The pandemic has highlighted the mental health crisis we face in this country and forced us to prioritize the inclusion of mental health as a major component of universal health care. Fortunately, the stigma attached to mental health issues is finally starting to erode, as the prevailing attitude now is that it’s OK … Read more

Morgan’s letter bears mental health stigma – NBC4 Washington

After five suicides by NCAA athletes since March, a northern Virginia mom shares her story of heartbreak and loss, hoping to change minds about mental health among college athletes. Morgan Rodgers seems to have a picture-perfect life, an image of what every parent would be proud of: funny, beautiful, smart, student-athlete star so good that … Read more

Mental health discussion in Osaka resonated at the French Open

Paris (AFP) – Naomi Osaka’s French Open 2022 has ended After losing the first round. The remaining players in the tournament see and hear the products of her candid discussion of anxiety and depression a year ago — from the new “Quiet Rooms” and three on-call psychiatrists at Roland Garros to a broader sense that … Read more

Integrated Behavioral Health Plans to Improve Whatcom Care

Making getting mental health care from primary providers easier and faster is the new goal of PeaceHealth Integrated behavioral health teams. Mental health and substance abuse are special challenges For Whatcom residents, according to the latest 2012-16 Community Health Improvement Plan from the PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center and Whatcom County Health Department. “Adding an … Read more

Jailhouse Milieus: Detention Center Focuses on Mental Health Issues | Western Colorado

Mesa County Commissioner Cody Davis, left, and Capt. Art Smith in charge of the Mesa County Detention Division. Scott Crabtree The Mesa County Detention Center isn’t just a prison anymore. It’s also a key component of Mesa County’s efforts to deal with mental health and behavioral issues. Many things happen in and around the county … Read more

Kaiser faces CA investigation amid rise in mental health complaints

In an unexpected move, the California Department of Mental Health Care told Kaiser Permanente that it will check whether the company is providing adequate mental health care services for its 9.4 million members in California. “This non-routine survey is based on complaints from registrars, providers, and other stakeholders about the plan’s behavioral health operations,” said … Read more

The Kaddass family shares their son’s tragic psychological struggle; I wish the result was different

The Kaddass family shares their son’s tragic psychological struggle; I wish the result was different Updated: 11:35PM EST May 20 2022 Hide text Show version >> I hope the result will be different. >> 911. >> I got a guy saying someone is fine, and I don’t think they did. I think he’s behind on … Read more